World Humanitarian Day

Publié le 19.08.2020
World Humanitarian Day

On World Humanitarian Day, we celebrate the humanitarian workers who support children and families affected by crises despite all odds. They make sure children are safe, receive care, and help keep families together in emergencies.

In 2019, 483 aid workers were attacked: 125 killed, 234 wounded and 124 kidnapped in 277 separate incidents. Most of the attacks occurred in Syria, followed by South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Central African Republic (CAR), Yemen and Mali. WHO reported 1,009 attacks against healthcare workers and facilities, resulting 199 deaths and 628 injuries. 90% of all attacks worldwide were on national staff (source: UN).

But in 2019, the humanitarian workers of SOS Children’s Villages responded to emergencies in over 20 countries and territories, too, sometimes risking their lives to support children in need.

This is what Sergio, SOS field officer for SOS Children’s Villages Colombia, who works with Venezuelan migrants, tells us:
« We are here supporting each other as a team and holding on to the conviction that we can make a change for those in need. We want to be for them an example of resilience, solidarity, participation and collaboration. Our team is often weakened by the extreme conditions of the environment. The sun is not forgiving, the breeze does not stop blowing, the sand tries to make us look in another direction, but we take a deep breath and undertake the task we need to accomplish!
We are here because of our own families and the duty to provide a home with mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, but also because of the hundreds of children and families for whom we want end a cycle of despair – from a past that presented difficulties to a future where family and love are not scarce. We are here for Pedro, Marvin, Pepe and the hundreds called Luis; for Alexandra, Carla and the friends who do not stop dancing when the activities are over; for Yorgenis, Esteban and Mariana who thanks to this effort learned to read and write.
We are here for all of them who opened their homes to us and for whom we have a promise to keep. »

Read more about our work in Colombia and support the dedication of our aid workers !

Photo © SOS CV Colombia


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