Become a volunteer

A volunteer is a collaborator in his own right, he or she helps us on a voluntary basis without a financial compensation. He lightens our tasks, allows us to move forward, brings us his savoir-faire and helps us keep a smile even in the most difficult times.

Who can engage?

Anyone is welcome and can contribute to the extent of their capacity, talent and time which they can dedicate, to help us achieve our goals.

What supervision to expect?

We engage ourselves to supervise you, integrate you, support you and value your help. In November 2014, we subscribed to the volunteer charter engaging us to provide a supervision of high quality.

What are the suggested tasks and activities?

Admin tasks

You will help us manage our stocks and keep up to sate, keep our database updated, make classifications, prepare invoices…

Physical challenge

You will participate to different challenges we organise, you will do your own physical challenge in favour of our association, help us during athletic events in which the association is involved…

Wish cards

You will prepare the orders of wish cards and organise their shipment.

Stands and animations

You will inform the public on our work and raise awareness on children’s rights. You will participate to animations with and for children (face painting, treasure hunts, drawing competition, workshops…), you will help with the sale of our products during Christmas markets with our partners…


You will translate texts (English, French or German) for various publications.

What skills can you bring to us?

You have professional skills and wish to share them with us: graphic, audio-visual, manual skills…

You have creative skills and wish to share them with us: painting, sewing, candle making…

We are open to any suggestions and are more than happy to have a chat with you!

Is it possible to go on the field?

SOS Children’s Village doesn’t send their volunteers on the field! We manage our programs in close collaboration with national associations of SOS Children’s Village International and their local contacts, thereby contributing to (in) strengthening the local economy and communities.

If you wish to engage in one of the 136 countries or territories in which SOS Children’s Villages International is present, we invite you to contact us via or via phone at (+352) 490 430.

You want to get invested?

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