The Rights of the child

Education for Development is an active learning process that aims to inspire changes in society’s values and attitudes, both at individual and collective levels. SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde educates in favour of a more balanced and united world, where wealth and resources are fairly and equally distributed.

Video « Lou and the 17 SDGs » created by the working group « Zesummen fir d’Agenda 2030 »

Education towards Development has a global aspiration. It underlines the interrelations between social, political, economic, environmental, technological and cultural dimensions in societies from the global North and global South and links the hemispheres to one another.

Dynamic and interactive education

It is a dynamic and interactive education which:

  • Encourage critical reflection regarding our societies
  • Seek the facilitation of complex notions related to sustainable development
  • Encourage the adoption of responsible and solidary behaviour
  • Promote the understanding of different cultures to enable the construction of a fairer, unified and sustainable world together

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