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The PACOPE-SPE programmes (Programmes d’Accompagnement des Communautés pour la Protection de l’Enfant et des Systèmes de Protection de l’Enfant – Community Support Programmes for Child Protection and Child Protection Systems) aim to provide a long-term response at different levels: from support for state actors (ministries, municipalities, etc.) to revitalise child protection consultation frameworks, to case-by-case support for the most vulnerable families and children.

Families, communities and the authorities are all stakeholders in these programmes, which aim to create a society able to respond on its own to the problems of vulnerability and to establish prevention mechanisms. Wherever the programme is implemented, local associations, child protection committees, NGOs and national, regional and local authorities are active partners.

With the PACOPE-SPEs, SOS Children’s Villages Monde and its partners support families and communities, and even if the contexts vary from one region to another, they have the same objective: to improve the situation of families to make them more resilient, to continually strengthen the community, to support young people on their way to employment, to implement child protection at all levels to enable them to develop in a healthy, protective and supportive environment and to play an active role in it. The PACOPE-SPE are part of the 4th Framework Agreement (2022-2026) that the Luxembourg NGO SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde signed in February 2022 with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA).



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