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PACOPE aims at providing a response to vulnerable children who do not fully enjoy their fundamental rights.

Survival and development rights (food, education, health care, decent housing, identity);

Right of protection against all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect (e.g. early marriage of young girls, child labour, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, etc.)

The right of the child to participate in decisions affecting him or her.

Families, communities and authorities are stakeholders in these programmes, which aim at building a society likely to respond alone to problems of vulnerability and establishing prevention mechanisms. Wherever the programme is implemented, community-based associations, child protection committees, NGOs and national, regional and local authorities are active partners. If the contexts vary from one place to another, PACOPE have the same objective: improving the situation of families for greater resilience, continuously strengthening the community, implementing the protection of children at all levels to enable them to develop in a healthy, protective and supportive environment and to play an active role in it.

In the current context of the Covid-19 crisis, PACOPE also aims at:

Raising awareness among children, families and communities about shielding measures

Accompany children in difficulty at school with academic support.

Support families who have suffered a decrease in their income on a case-by-case basis so that they can find new opportunities to generate income.



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