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Children’s rights at the heart of programmes in Guinea

Located in Upper Guinea in the east of the country, a region bordering Mali and Côte d’Ivoire, the prefecture of Kankan is characterised by a very high rate of child victims of the worst forms of labour.

In the city of Kankan, the country’s second largest city and one of Guinea’s main commercial centres, a large number of orphaned and abandoned children end up on the streets where they earn their living by washing cars, carrying goods or committing petty theft.

The PACOPE programmes in West Africa are based on an empowering approach, avoiding families’ dependence on SOS support to meet the needs of their children.

By helping parents/guardians to develop their own income-generating activities and by offering them advice and moral support throughout the intervention, the programme increases their awareness, decision-making power and financial capacity. Parents/guardians are empowered to meet their children’s basic needs (e.g. paying for school, health, food, etc.) and to respect their rights to survival, development, protection and participation.


2017 – 2026


174 families including 650 children and 35 young people in seven districts of the city of Kankan and their community.


To enable parents to fully assume their parental role in an autonomous manner within a community that supports the respect of children’s rights.



Community structures made up of children and adults promote collective awareness of child protection and well-being and mobilise resources to support vulnerable children and their families.

They regularly organise awareness-raising activities for adults and children.

In Kankan, there are


Local councils Children and Families for Child Protection


Children’s Clubs


Village Savings and Credit Associations and Credit Associations

actives communities structures

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Support for Kankan communities

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