There are an estimated 140 million orphaned children around the world. Children who have lost everything. When you sponsor a child, you are helping give one of these orphaned or abandoned children a family and a future.

Each sponsorship goes towards raising an individual child, so your sponsorship goes directly to the upbringing of your sponsored child. Your support will help us to give an orphaned, abandoned, or vulnerable child a loving family, where he will have the chance to grow up in a stable and loving environment. With your child sponsorship, you are directly contributing to the costs of raising the child you are sponsoring.

That means you’re providing food, clothing, parental care, housing, education, healthcare and all things needed for a happy and healthy childhood.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in his/her life in the long term!

When you choose to sponsor a Village, you contribute towards the support of all the children living at this SOS Children’s Village by helping to meet their collective their daily needs, and guarantee that they receive quality medical care and education.

Your donation is used to help cover the running costs of the SOS Children’s Village including the maintenance of the houses, new acquisitions (e.g. furniture, household and other appliances, etc.) and salaries of the staff.

As a village sponsor, you will also contribute to support the SOS facilities that are based around the SOS Children’s Village itself. These can be SOS Kindergartens, SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools, vocational training centres, social centres, medical centres etc. These facilities are not only intended to children and youths living in our villages, but also to the local community.

As a godfather/godmother, your sponsorship contribution goes towards covering the living costs of ALL the children in an SOS Children’s Village and not to a particular child.

You’re also financing SOS Children’s Villages supporting facilities such as SOS kindergartens, SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools, SOS social centres and SOS medical centres.

In addition, your contributions may go to helping support a SOS family strengthening programme. These programmes help struggling families in the community, as a mean to prevent family breakdown and child abandonment.

You will receive a welcome package from SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde. Along with the welcome letter, you will be introduced to your sponsored child. This introduction will include the life history of your sponsored child, along with a photo. We will send you a detailed description of the country, the SOS Children’s Village as well as a map of the country so that you can figure out where your sponsored child is living. You will also get a sponsorship handbook and every trimester we will send you our newsletter.

Each sponsorship goes towards raising an individual child

We keep siblings together, so this child will grow up with his biological siblings, in a secure home.

The children in our care beneficiate from quality education provided by qualified teachers and trainers and they have access to professional healthcare.

Your sponsorship goes towards all the children living in the village and the surrounding community.

The children beneficiate from quality education provided by qualified teachers and trainers and they have access to professional healthcare.

You support communities who participate in our educational, training, healthcare and family strengthening programmes.

SOS Villages d’Enfants is committed to not separating orphaned or abandoned siblings who live together under the same roof.

The children entrusted to us benefit from a quality education, provided by qualified teachers and trainers, and have access to quality health care.

In the case of a child sponsorship, you contribute to the child’s education costs.

If you sponsor an SOS Children’s Village, you contribute to the education of all the children in that Village and in the surrounding community.

In effect, your support also benefits those communities that benefit from our education, training, health and family strengthening programmes.

Every summer, you will receive a progress letter about your sponsored child, updating you on their latest life developments and accomplishments. At the end of the year, you will receive a second letter telling you about life at the village and updating you on life in the community your sponsored child is growing up in, as well as a recent photo of your sponsored child.

As a village sponsor, you will follow the everyday life of all children in a SOS Children’s Village. Twice a year during Summer and at the end of the year, (you will receive) updates about recent events and developments at the SOS Children’s Village, including information about all other programmes and facilities at the same location.

Your only obligations are your monthly contribution and to inform us as soon as possible if you decide to cancel your sponsorship.

If you wish you can visit, write or send gifts to your sponsored child for his/her birthday, the start of the academic year … He/she will certainly appreciate all these kind gestures.

A child sponsorship is a wonderful gift, which will enrich the life of the recipient and help a child in need. The recipient will receive a sponsorship welcome package, as well as bi-annual reports. These updates will be sent directly to the gift recipient twice a year, while correspondence about financial details of the sponsorship will be sent to you.

You are welcome to send letters to your sponsored child. Feel free to send him/her letters, a Christmas or birthday card. The children themselves decide whether they wish to communicate with their sponsor. Some children wish to answer and they thus receive all the help they need to write a letter.

In order to facilitate the exchange, we suggest you writing in English or in one of the languages of the country the child lives in.

You are welcome to send letters to the staff of your sponsored village. To facilitate the exchange, we suggest writing in English or one of the languages of the country.

Your sponsorship contributions are fiscally deductible. Your tax receipt will be sent to you at the end of the following year’s February by SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde, allowing you to deduce your sponsorship contributions and any additional donation from your taxes.

If for personal reasons the amount you are giving seems too high, you can reduce your monthly contribution.

If you have to stop your payments, it is important to let us know that you wish to cancel your sponsorship, so that we can find a new sponsor to support your sponsored child as soon as possible.

The cancellation of your payments does not automatically imply the cancellation of your sponsorship. We will send you a reminder if the last payments have not been made.

If for one reason you wish to chancel your sponsorship, we kindly ask you to send an email to parrainage@sosve.lu or info@sosve.lu, you can also call us at (+352) 490.430

Your sponsorship cancellation will not impact your sponsored child’s life. He will stay in our care and continue to live in his SOS family.

The personal data collected through your donation is subject to processing intended solely for our association in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations.

You benefit in particular from a right of access, rectification, portability and erasure of these or a limitation of their processing.

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