Strengthening 300 families and ensuring the rights of 850 children in Khorezm

Strengthening child protection in Uzbekistan


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Taking action to improve the situation of children

In Uzbekistan, a landlocked desert country, the vulnerability of children is due to inadequate institutional care that bypasses family care or alternative care within foster families. Most children in care are therefore placed in institutions, especially those with special needs. Although the Uzbek government is working to improve conditions in these institutions, the children are not prepared for an independent life at all.

These children need special protection that their guardians are no longer able to provide. The parents often have no vocational training, are mostly unemployed, live on state benefits or have low and unstable income. Their children have difficulties in socialising, they do not receive psycho-social support or educational support.

This program, which targets more than 825 children and 300 families, should lead to the establishment of community-based protection mechanisms with significant advocacy work vis-à-vis the authorities. Particular attention is being paid to changes in Uzbekistan’s legislation on alternative care.

The program intends to strengthen the actions undertaken with child protection partners, improve the well-being of children, adolescents and youth and accompany them on the path to employment, while their situation has become even more precarious with the Covid-19 crisis and the effects of inflation, which has increased since the beginning of 2022.


2017 – 2026


The direct beneficiaries of the programme are

  • 29 children (including 13 girls) in SOS families
  • 367 children (including 190 girls) from 128 vulnerable families
  • 26 young people (including 16 girls) looking for work
  • 50 child protection specialists.


– Children and families receive services appropriate to their needs, are safe and protected.

– Young people have the skills to lead independent lives.

– Key local partners provide more holistic services to children and families (in partnership with SOS) and in line with international standards.


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Strengthening 300 families and ensuring the rights of 850 children in Khorezm


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