“Children’s ecological rights” route in Hollenfels

This bound takes you to the Centre YNS Hollenfels’ surroundings to make you discover the place’s nature and culture, while making you becoming aware of children’s environmental rights through a succession of tests at every step of their walk.

In collaboration with the Youth’s National Service (YNS), SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde developed a route about children’s rights in Hollenfels. With the help of an application, the students, accompanied by one of our animators, will follow a path which will start near the Hollenfels castle. On the route, according to the principle of “geocaching”, the students will follow a traced route to reach different stations. These will allow the making of connexions between the environment and the rights of children such as the drained well, the drinking water source passing through the forest or the traces left by the tornado that hit the region in 2015.


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