20km for SOS

A solidarity challenge to support children in need all over the world.


Spring is here and with it comes back the time to enjoy outside activities. What if you could enjoy your favourite exercise while helping defend child rights and care for children who have lost or are at risk of losing parental care? This is the purpose of this new campaign.

Whether you like to walk, run or bike, the aim would be to travel 20km while being sponsored by your friends and family. Each €5 donation will sponsor 1 kilometre.

You’ll have the months of June and/or July to realise this challenge so you can adapt it to your own schedule!

  • You like to take your time and enjoy the journey? Spread your 20km as you want: walk 6 km one weekend then 4 the next and end up with 10 km.
  • Sports is a second nature for you? Then you can tackle your 20km in one go.
  • You want to enjoy this challenge with your family? Choose to walk, run, bike these 20 km all together.

You decide what works best, you set up your own challenge!


SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde runs various projects to help disadvantaged children and their families in Africa, Central Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The money collected through this campaign will help support these projects.

You want to know more about these projects, go check here.

During this campaign, Facebook groups will be created for all the participants who want to share their progress and information about the projects we are working on will be shared.


Help children go a long way by travelling a short path, start a fundraiser through this page.

If any help is needed, do not hesitate in contacting Mélissa Gaj. She will gladly help you with your campaign.

Because no child should grow up alone 💙

Ready to go? Do not forget to download your participant kit!
By clicking on the download button below, you will receive a media kit you can use to share your engagement on social media, a participant identification that you can print and stick on your T-shirt when you go out to complete your kilometres and a trophy to celebrate the accomplishment of your challenge.
Don’t hesitate to share your pictures with us on social media! Good luck!

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