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Senegal mobilises to protect children’s rights

Often referred to as the suburb of the capital Dakar, Pikine, with more than one million inhabitants in 2021, is officially the second largest city in Senegal. It is in Pikine that many young Senegalese flee the countryside in search of work.

The PACOPE programmes set up in West Africa are based on an approach that empowers families by avoiding dependence on SOS support to cover the needs of their children.

By helping parents/guardians to develop their own income-generating activities and by offering them advice and moral support throughout the intervention, the programme increases their awareness, decision-making power and financial capacity. Parents/guardians are given the opportunity to meet their children’s basic needs (e.g. paying for school, health, food, etc.) and to respect their rights to survival, development, protection and participation


2022 – 2026


104 families comprising 445 children and 63 young people are participating in the programme in the city of Pikine.


To enable parents to fully assume their parental role in an autonomous manner within a community that supports the respect of children’s rights.



Community structures made up of children and adults promote collective awareness of child protection and well-being and mobilise resources to help vulnerable children and their families.

They regularly organise awareness-raising activities for adults and children.

In Pikine, there are

Child Protection Committee
Children’s Club
Village Savings and Loan Associations
Economic Interest Group
active community structures

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All donations to SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde Luxembourg are tax deductible within the limits set by article 109, paragraph 1, n°3 of the law concerning income tax.

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