Educational Kit on the Child’s Rights

On the occasion of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child’s (CIDE) 25th anniversary in 2014, several Luxembourgish NGOs committed to this cause, have collaborated to develop an educational kit dedicated to pedagogues.

The idea was to create educational multipliers by providing them with a tool popularizing this convention and offering activities about the rights of the child.

Following feedback from a focus group of teachers, SOS Children’s Villages World and the association Kindernothilfe Luxembourg have decided to collaborate once again in order to publish a new concept, more practical, accessible and innovative. With this aim in mind, we relied on the educational work of the psychologist and teacher Françoise Roemers-Poumay, who accompanied us throughout the development process.

The 8 multiple intelligences and declined activities

8 forms of intelligence have been identified by the psychologist and Harvard University professor Howard Gardner and theorized in 1983:

  • Linguistic intelligence
    oral and written expression, listening, reading, etc.
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence
    calculation, problem solving using logic, organization, etc.
  • Intra-personal intelligence
    self-awareness, personal development, personal goals, etc.
  • Interpersonal intelligence
    understanding of others, empathy, team spirit, sharing, integration, etc.
  • Visual-spatial intelligence
    shapes, colours, images, art, sense of orientation, etc
  • Kinaesthetic intelligence
    body expression, manual skills, coordination, etc.
  • Musical intelligence
    sounds, rhythm, sound sensitivity, etc
  • Naturalistic intelligence
    sensitivity to fauna and flora, observation, understanding of our environment, etc.

While the modern education system mainly solicits and values ​​logical-mathematical and linguistic intelligences, our 6 other intelligences are rarely stimulated during formal learning processes. Nevertheless, they allow the optimization of children’s cognitive capacities, especially those with signs of stronger intelligence at the level of the 6 other intelligences.

What you will find in our kit:

We have designed activities around all multiple intelligences (see structure below).

Through icons, you can easily identify the right and intelligence targeted by the activity.

In order to deepen fundamental rights, we also offer explanatory texts which popularize and explain the challenges of the various child’s rights.

Version numérique de la mallette

en cours d’élaboration

Pédagogie des Octofun

de notre coach Françoise Romers-Poumay 

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